Ocean Corps

Inspiring sustained, long-term ocean science education and research collaborations between nations

Ocean and sand

Scientific Discovery

Oceanography is a global science and we need partners everywhere to successfully observe and model the global ocean, and to develop solutions for a more sustainable treatment of the ocean.

Sand and ocean

Global Engagement

Just as the Peace Corps inspires young Americans to engage the world, Ocean Corps will inspire oceanographers to engage the world via capacity development and research collaboration.

Clear water at the beach

Equity and Diversity

Ocean science infrastructure is unequally distributed across the globe. Ocean Corps will create and support existing collaboration with ocean scientists globally to address this inequity.

The concept of Ocean Corps has been submitted as an “Ocean Shot” to the US National Committee for the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. We are presenting the idea at the Ocean Decade: US Launch Meeting (Feb. 3-4, 2021).

Many of the Ocean Corps co-leads are involved in a related UN Decade concept, EquiSea: The Ocean Science Fund for All

Coastal Ocean and Environment Summer School in Ghana (COESSING)

COESSING is a one-week summer school that has taken place yearly since 2015 with the goal of educating and inspiring West African scientists at all career stages to pursue ocean-related fields. The success of this school helped inspire the idea of Ocean Corps.

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